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When we were thinking about getting engaged, moissanite wasn't very popular and we didn’t know about all the great things it had to offer. We were so influenced by our traditional thinking of a diamond being the only option for an engagement ring that we ignored the possibility of any other precious gem. Diamonds were marketed so well that we automatically assumed that an engagement ring had to have one. Soon, we learned that diamonds weren’t actually a good investment and not actually that rare. They depreciate in value as soon as you leave the jewelry store! We decided we wanted to help people break free from this cycle of thinking and help educate people about other beautiful gems that can be better environmentally and economically, particularly moissanite.

Moi was started with the hope of saving people time and money while fully enjoying the shopping process. For us, searching for the perfect ring became overwhelming and quite tiresome, especially when visiting jewelry stores. We felt awkward waiting to speak with a salesperson to try on rings since they knew we weren’t going to purchase anything that day. We also would sometimes feel rushed when we visited the more busier jewelry stores. It would be an exhausting day! We wanted to create a company that provided people with the simplified number of design choices (Classics and Trendsetters) with the best possible customer experience. With all the technology and online resources available now, we are able to offer this better jewelry shopping experience: the moi Sample Kit.

Through the moi shopping experience, we hope couples will be able to once again cherish the small things, while investing in the bigger moments. Our goal is to provide an effortless experience so you have more time and money to spend on fulfilling your future dreams. 

We hope we can help and join you in your new journey to a happily-ever-after!

Minnie and Wayne

Co-founders of moi

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